Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy three days after Valentines Day :)!

Above is a picture that Nathan took of the cupcakes that I made for Jack's kindergarten class. Nathan loves his new camera and his new macro lens. He's always willing to take pictures for me.

We had fun preparing for Valentines Day this year. Typically I don't get into it, but something sparked my interest.

I ordered personalized iron on decals from, with the kids names on them. I put them on t-shirts for the kids to wear to school. Jack's was a dump truck with hearts spilling out the back. It says "loads of love" and then his name is going around the circle. Maddie's decal was a cupcake with her name on it. It says "Happy Valentines Day" going around the circle.

Here's a picture of Maddie collecting a trail of chocolate kisses. After the kids went to bed on Sunday night, I made a trail of kisses leading from their bedrooms, to the hallway, down the stairs, and eventually to their t-shirts. Jack and Maddie had fun following the trail of kisses.

Jack was excited to take his picture this morning, which usually Maddie's the one that poses and says "cheese"!!!

I had to sit with Maddie for this one. She didn't want anything to do with pictures. Maybe it was too early.

I came home after work to a beautiful display of tulips. My favorite!!! Thanks Nathan!

What did you do for Valentines Day this year?

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  1. What wonderful Valentine pics - I especially LOVE the one of Jack by the window. Such a sweet, genuine little smile.

    Hope you guys are doing well! Glad you had a great Valentine's Day!