Monday, October 11, 2010

A perfect Saturday in October

On Saturday, we enjoyed another beautiful hike at "Dells of the Eau Claire State Natural Area". This park is breathtakingly beautiful. The hiking trails are full of interesting trees, rocks and a series of beautiful waterfalls. Thanks to Grandpa Dave for taking so many great pictures. He truly captured the beauty of the day. Here's Jack before going on our hike. He was excited to see all the rocks and waterfalls.

Jenny and Sofia looking over the cliff down at the river. This is right at the beginning of our hike and we were all still in aww over the view.

Grandpa Dave and Grandma Debbie. One of the few pictures that Dave was actually in. He was quite the photographer that day!

Jack and Sofia going under a fallen tree.

Dave spotted this great photo op! Jack was happy to be able to walk out onto the rocks.

Another great shot of Sofia, Nana and Auntie Jenny.

Look at the SIZE of this leaf! Jack and Sofie both found one of these huge leaves and they were both very excited.

Jack and Sofie crawling in the roots of a tree that were washed out by the recent flooding. Such fun things you can find on a hike.

Grandma Debbie at the end of our hike, holding the kids HUGE leaves.

One big pile of leaves and we all had to jump in.

Such a cute picture of Nana and Maddie.

Maddie and Daddy sharing a chocolate chip cookie.

After our hike we enjoyed a picnic and watched the kids play in the leaves. The weather was perfect and the kids were all happy. Who could ask for more?

Pewit's Nest - October 2010

Last weekend we enjoyed another hike at the beautiful "Pewit's Nest" in Baraboo. It was a beautiful day and the scenery was amazing. We started down a long path that turned into many and we weren't really sure which path to choose. We found this huge, old oak tree. We tried to put our arms around it, but it was too large for our hands to touch.

This is one of the smaller waterfalls that we found. It was amazing how loud the water sounded and then when we got up close, it turned out to be rather small.

This fallen tree was along the path. It looks like it either fell over in a storm or finally collapsed with old age.
This is a view from the top of a cliff looking down the river. It was very pretty and peaceful.

A perfect picture with a perfect waterfall in the background. My family is so cute :)

The long trail led to the water clearing and being able to see one last waterfall. It was such a pretty hike. It's amazing that we've lived here for 4 years and haven't heard of this secret treasure until a couple of weeks ago.

This weekend, Grandpa Kyle and Nana are going camping and we're planning on taking them to see this beautiful spot.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Treinen Farm Pictures 2010

Do you see Maddie sleeping in the back pack carrier? That's how we know she like it. She was comfortable enough to fall asleep. I love this picture
Jack loved climbing on all these tractor tires. I think he could have explored these for hours.

Jack sitting in the tunnel that brought him to the top of the slide hill.

There's the big slides that we went down. It was so fun!!!

A lesson in animals and their babies.