Monday, February 28, 2011

The Children's Museum

On Saturday morning we took a little day trip to the Children's Museum. It had been awhile since we'd been here, so everything seemed new again, especially for Maddie. She was wide eyed looking at the kids and activities to explore.
Maddie loved visiting with and talking to this little turtle. She was so cute. She kept on saying, "turtle, turtle" and pointing to him. We got a kick out of this picture because the turtle is also looking at Nathan to take the picture.
I think she would have gotten in the tank, had we let her.
Jack gravitated right to the art table. There were a stack of wood "fossils" for the kids to color over and make an imprint. Jack had fun seeing what each picture would turn into. Maddie had fun with this for about a minute, then it was back to the turtle and fish.
Jack was actually inside a hole in this table building things. It was pretty neat to see all the kids building different things.

Jack got right to building at this station. This structure turned into a truck. It was pretty neat. Maddie is looking down a glass tube that goes all the way down to the main entrance of the museum.
At least one of us is looking in this picture. This is a long walk way through a dinosaur skeleton. We were high up in the air on this. It was funny because there was a bunch of kids behind us that were using the bones as monkey bars while Nathan was trying to take the picture.
Peek-a-boo. I have no idea how Jack found this secret passage way under the bridge, but he ended up crawling through a tiny hole to get on the other side. Nathan snapped the picture just in time.
Maddie couldn't quite figure out how to get through, but she got a kick out of seeing Jack through the hole.
Jack and Maddie are standing on the back of a vegetable truck being driven by a mule. All the kids wanted to sit on the mule, but mine just wanted to ride. (It wasn't a real mule, but still creepy looking)
My, what big coconuts you have...or whatever these little nooks are. Jack jumped in and Maddie went right in after him. It looked like a nice place to sit and read a book...but not with a million kids running around.

We had a great time at the Museum and will be sure to go again soon.

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time. Must have been fun to see the kids so engaged i all the activities. Thanks for sharing.