Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mother of the Year

Typically, I'm not one to bribe my kids.  Things change a bit at 3 a.m. On Tuesday night, Maddie came in and wanted to "snuggle".  This has become a theme the last few weeks.  Why she picks 3 in the morning, I'm not sure, but every night is the same story.  I, personally have no problem sleeping with her.  I could sleep on the side of the road and would have no trouble.  Nathan on the other hand, just can't do it.  SO…I have to be the bad guy and take her back to bed :) 

Maddie wouldn't stay in her room.  She thought of every excuse in her little two year old head to NOT stay in her room.  I couldn't take it anymore, I had to get back to sleep.  So I bribed her.  Yep.  Not proud, but I did, and it worked!  What did I bribe her with?  Gum!  Yep, not proud of that either.  Who gives a 2 year old gum?  Me, apparently.  Jack is obsessed with gum.  Every time we go to the store Jack needs gum.  Monkey see, monkey do and Maddie needs it too. 

We've been saying that she's a big girl now because she's potty trained and doing so well with it (no accidents…at all).  We keep telling Maddie that she can't have gum until she's bigger.  Maddie's response is, "I am bigger, I go poop on the potty!".  I can't argue with that, can I? 

So, we'll see how this gum thing goes.  Maybe she'll forget about it…HA! 


  1. Love it! At 3 in the morning gum seems a small price to pay for sleep. It was a good deal for both of you.

    1. I just can't get over the fact that she hasn't asked for it.

  2. Whatever works! :)

    Carter had a celebration at school for the 50th day of school and had a bubble gum blowing contest. He hasn't had gum before ... oops!

    Enjoy the night snuggles now; I have to keep convincing myself of this right now. We'll miss it later!

  3. Totally agree about missing it Anne. I love it. Nathan loves it when they come in and snuggle in the morning with us, but he just can't get deep sleep with Maddie in the bed. She wiggles around too much. :)

    What are you guys up to this weekend? I want to get the kids out sledding on Sunday. Hopefully all the snow doesn't melt. Jack starts Karate tomorrow and is really excited!