Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fresh from the farm!

Our kids generally don't complain too much about the food we make, but if there's ever a complaint, I just say "it's from our farm, isn't that cool?" It usually works, they eat, and we're all happy!
Tonight I didn't really have dinner planned...shocker, I know. I ended up using zucchini and tomatoes from our farm share, which were great! I made a "Mexindi" dish and it ended up being pretty tasty. I hate seeing our vegetables go to waste, so I try to use them any way I can. Tonight I ended up cutting the zucchini into little cubes and mixed them into some salsa, rice, ground cumin, curry powder, and chili powder. I pureed some black beans (to the consistency of re fried beans) and mixed the beans in for our protein. Put it all together and you get "Mexindi" casserole (I hate the word casserole, but can't think of a better word) :) I topped it all off with a little bit of cheddar cheese just to hold it all together. Yum!
Over dinner we were talking about the "Peach Truck" that's coming on Tuesday. In early July I picked up 25 pounds of peaches and 5 pounds of blueberries from the peach truck. I had all intentions of baking with both, but didn't have to. We ate ALL of it! I love having fresh fruit in the house. The kids loved the blueberries on their yogurt in the morning and Jack loved his peach each day in his lunch. We'll get the same thing on Tuesday!
If you're interested in getting fresh fruit visit:
The site will give you the times/location of their deliveries. They also have orange and grapefruit deliveries later in the year. The lines get long so arrive early and ENJOY!

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