Sunday, July 17, 2011

Father's Day Weekend - 2011

So "Blogger" had something against me blogging about our Father's Day weekend. The site just wouldn't let me post the pictures. I decided to try it again today and it let me. So, almost a month later, here are some pictures from our Father's Day Weekend. Above is a picture of Grandpa Kyle opening his "toes" from Jack and Maddie. Grandpa Kyle is always saying that he's going to eat the kids toes, so for Fathers Day we made him a jar of toes. Jack even completed the gift by adding a bottle of ketchup and mustard. The jar was filled with Brazillian nuts. Jack was giggling so hard when Grandpa was opening his gift.
Nathan really enjoys cooking. So we filled a bucket full of some of Nathan's favorite foods and spices. Fresh mozzarella cheese, cured salami, capers, curry powder, horseradish powder, wine, aged Parmesan, aged cheddar, figs, balsamic vinegar from Vom Fass and more! Nathan loved opening all the goodies. The kids also love all this stuff (minus the wine), so it didn't last long. Thanks to some breathable cheese paper that I found, we still have some of the cheese left. If any of you are cheese lovers, especially aged cheese, this cheese paper is great!
Awww, Grandpa Dave and the kiddos! Such a cute picture.
We had a picnic lunch along the Wisconsin River in Stevens Point. We had a ton of food and enjoyed great company. The kids were super excited because they got to go fishing!
Jack and Grandpa Kyle fishing. Grandpa Kyle LOVES fishing, so being able to take his grand kids fishing is extra special. We were all surprised at how long the kids wanted to fish. They really had a nice time. Below is Maddie and Grandpa Dave. This was Maddie's first fishing experience. I think she liked holding the pole the most. At one point Grandpa Kyle dropped a worm in her hand and she flipped it out of her hand like it was hot. It was pretty funny to see the look on her face! A great weekend was had by all. Happy Father's Day!

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