Saturday, January 22, 2011

BABY it's cold outside!!

I guess it comes as no surprise that in January it's below zero. One would think that after 28 years of living in Wisconsin that the cold wouldn't surprise us anymore. Well, it does!

Jack had the day off of school yesterday, so I took him and his buddy Kaden to an indoor amusement park. They had a blast! I was also lucky to spend the day with my good friend Liz! We had a relaxing morning while the boys played and then had fun watching the boys play lots of games and get excited over how many tickets they were winning. I don't have any pictures of the day, but we sure had fun.

Last weekend we were able to get outside and play for a bit. It was a heat wave compared to the frigid temperatures this weekend. We pulled Jack and Maddie around the yard in a sled and chased each other around the yard. Jack loves getting pulled in the sled and Maddie, not so much. She screams...a lot. It was the first time we'd been able to play in our new yard.

Maddie hanging on for dear life.
A quick picture before we had to head back inside.

Maddie and Daddy...two cuties :)

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