Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Fun

Today was such a fun day. Jack has been so excited about "Toy Story 3", so we decided to take him to the theater to see it. We had a babysitter come and stay with Maddie, while Nathan, Jack and I went to the movie. The movie was VERY cute! Jack loved it. I absolutely adore his laugh. I wish that I could bottle it and keep the sound forever.

After the movie we set up our giant water slide in the back yard. Jack really enjoys playing in the water. This time he got out some balls and had fun throwing them up the water slide and watching them roll back down. The water is directly from the hose, so it's pretty cold. Maddie loves watching her big brother. She sat and watched him for awhile and then decided that she too, needed to get wet. She jumped in the pool side of the slide and had a blast. She's getting so curious about everything, that it's hard to keep her content.
Nathan and I got some good use out of the hammock he ordered. It's a good thing we have so many trees in the yard. After the kids went to bed, we enjoyed some quiet time outside. We also had some "smelly" company...a skunk! He didn't bother us too much, but it was neat to watch the skunk dig in the ground for grubs and other bugs.

Enjoy the photos!

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