Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random thought

I think that mom's and dad's should come with a "counter", sort of like a pedometer, but this would be for the number of times we need to repeat a particular phrase to our children throughout the day.

I just took Jack and Maddie for a walk to get ice cream. Maddie in the stroller and Jack riding his bike. Jack is at the age where he needs to stop and look at everything, EVERYTHING! So, every 15 seconds we'd stop and look at the large hole in the ground, the baby rabbit eating, the yellow flowers, the one blade of grass that was bent in a different direction...the list goes on.

I'd be curious to know how many times I said, "OK buddy, let's keep going", "keep going buddy", "Jack, let's keep going", "JACK we need to move or we're never going to get there", "never, momma?" "JUST KEEP GOING"!

So we finally made it to the ice cream store. I ordered the cones for the kids and wondered if it would be illegal for me to walk home with an open bottle of wine. I opted just to share the cone with Maddie :)

We finished our yummy ice cream cones and headed home. It was a much smoother ride on the way back. Maddie fell asleep and Jack and I had a nice talk about what bunnies think about when they're first born. "Momma, can bunnies even think when they're born? Who teaches them how to hop, if their mom's and dad's can't even talk?" He's so funny.

Maybe next time, I'll start with ice cream and then go for the bike ride.

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