Monday, June 20, 2011

Kindergarten - Jack's Last Day

On Jack's last day of kindergarten his class put on a show for the parents. They sang all the songs they had learned throughout the year and put on a few skits. It was SO cute to see Jack with all of his classmates. I got a bit teary eyed during one of the songs, but held it together.
Jack has done such a great job his first year of school. He's mastered math, spelling, and is a terrific reader. He'll read anything he can get his hands on. Jack also loves to write stories. He writes notes to his friends, to us and also writes little stories to go along with pictures that he draws. He's turning into quite the little author! Also on the last day of school Jack received the "prolific writer" award! We're very proud of him.
Look at that little smile!
Such a great day and I'm so happy that both Nathan and I were able to be at school to see Jack. We had a great time! Congrats Jack on a very successful year of Kindergarten.
Jack is already enjoying his summer. He goes to "Kids Club" during the day and is loving it! They do art projects, play sports, play games, and EAT! He's having a blast. Tomorrow, "summer school" starts. It's not really summer school, but it's classes that we registered Jack for. He'll be playing soccer, flag football, art classes, etc., he's really looking forward to it.
Here's to a great summer filled with lots of fun memories.

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